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FIA Annual General Meeting Notice 10th December 2023


Notice of Annual General Meeting 10th December 2023

The Annual General Meeting of the Fiji Association Wellington Inc. will be held on the Sunday 10th December 2023 at the Fiji Association Hall, Halford Place (east end of Jackson street), Petone, commencing at 4.00pm. All financial members are requested to attend.

Nominations for the following office bearers are called for.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Communication Officer
  6. Committee Members (up to 7 committee members)
  7. Appointment of Honorary Auditor

All nomination should reach the secretary by 5.00 pm on Monday the 4th of  December 2023

Notice of any motion should also be given in writing to the secretary by 5.00 pm on Friday

the 4th of  December 2023.

The agenda and nomination forms are attached.



Download Notice of AGM

Download Agenda

Download Nomination Forms




Copies of Audited Financial statement, minutes and President report will be distributed at the AGM.

We look forward for attendance.

Yours sincerely

Sue Lata







 The Fiji Indian Association Inc. was incorporated under the New Zealand Incorporated Societies Act 1906 on the 31st Day of October 2005.  

The association was formed for the purposes of:

  • Integration: To unify Fiji Indians in Wellington, and integrate them with the New Zealand community at large.
  • Representation: To partner at all levels of the New Zealand political and social spectrum to represent views and opinions of Fiji Indians.
  • Empowerment: To increase the spiritual, political, social and economic strength of Fiji Indians in New Zealand.


Would you like to become a Member of Fiji Indian Association and receive community notices, information and newsletters by emails ?

Email request to Communications Advisor



Email Webmaster at if you would like to place a community notice or support FIA via our website.

Fiji Indian Association, PO Box 33473, Petone 5046, New Zealand




If you have any community news you would like listed here, please email

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this notice is accurate and up to date at the time of publishing, users are advised to check with the parties concerned for the latest updates.



 Apna Awaaz

 Project Information Link

Project Apna Awaaz

What is this project about? 

This project is an initiative of the Fiji Indian Association Wellington Inc (FIA) to promote safer communities through Education and Awareness Programmes. 

This will involve bringing attitudinal change by encouraging intolerance to all kinds of violence in families, and by ensuring members of our community understand its harm and play their part in preventing it. 

Police statistics tells us that there are many kinds of violence committed on a daily basis. Most can be prevented if we seek help and guidance at an early stage from the experts. 

Family violence impacts on everyone in this country whether they are directly involved or not. It is clearly a public issue. What happens in families affects our neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces and communities. The results of violence in families spread right through society. As children grow up within, and become accustomed to, an environment of violence new generations of New Zealanders bear the consequences.

Family violence has far-reaching social and economic costs. Violence can undermine and destroy individual’s sense of their own worth and a family’s ability to look after and support its members. It can lead to injury, illness, death, and trauma. Lives are wasted and our country is poorer for it in every way. 

But there is hope – family violence is preventable 

Changing the attitudes and the behaviours that have allowed family violence to continue is a priority for our community action. Action to prevent, and ultimately eliminate, family violence needs the co-ordinated efforts of us all. 

Our reward will be a society where people are safe in and outside their homes. Children will grow up in families that are respectful of each member and the benefits of violence-free family life will nourish future generations. 

We will all be better off. 

The aim of this project is to develop volunteers within our community who will be able to provide some initial guidance and direction, on a confidential basis, so that those needing help can reach the experts early. 

 It is our hope that with all your help we will all be able to: 

  • promote the message that violence of any nature is unacceptable

  • increase community awareness and understanding of the nature, causes and effects of various forms and types of violence in families

  • ensure that each person who is aware of situations of violence in families will act promptly and appropriately

  • ensure that people experiencing violence in families are aware of what to do to protect themselves, and where to seek help

  • reduce the impact of violence portrayed in the range of print, film, video, internet and other media

  • promote healthy gender roles and responsibilities, and concept of non-violence


How can you contribute? 

To join the project team, or if you would like to volunteer as a community support person, or you want to know more about this project, please contact the President Mr. Prem Singh on 027 448 1991 or the Secretary Jotishna Sharma on 021 525948 of Fiji Association. We are in the process of getting an expert trainer with the help of Ministry of Social Development to run a workshop for community volunteers very soon. 

APNA AWAAZ poster on this FIA website has some agency contact details where help is available. We will be expanding this list as we come to know more of our communities’ needs. 

Please note that people who want to help with eliminating family violence do not need to be specialists or experts. It is a mission for all of us in our community

The project team is supported by the Government, including the Police and the Ministry of Development (MSD), to develop this resource in the Fiji Indian community.  There are examples of similar projects, supported by the Government, across many community groups in New Zealand now. 

We need your help to make our communities safer. 


Shanti Narayan 

Convenor and Chairperson 



Your approved community notices can be placed here.  Please contact us on


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